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The Youth Empowerment Conference was created to provide a space for local community members, parents, high school students, and community college students to come together on campus to take advantage of resources here and critically analyze our community conditions. Our ultimate goal is for students to leave the conference feeling empowered, both in terms of wanting to be active members in their communities, as well as being motivated to pursue an education at an institution of higher learning. Through LYC, MEChA de UCLA seeks to create a space of empowerment and resistance.


"This event truly manifested our theme of uplifting youth, and seeing rise with no surprise. All youth keynotes, youth lead workshops, youth performances, resources and voices were carried during our conference...We changed many lives including our own that day"

— Alejandro Juarez, 2020 Latinx Youth Conference Chair


"Our wondeful BYFY memebrs got a chance to go UCLA Latinx Youth Conference for the first time! They got to learn about Financial Aid, Danza Azteca, the use of the Nepohaultzitzin, and the wonderful history of Latinx theater."

---- By the Youth for the Youth Organization, 2020

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